The Gnarly Whale

The Gnarly Whale is an independent vegan beauty, bath, and body shop co-managed by husband and wife Ashley and Nathan Griffith.

Ashley has been an entrepreneur since October 2010 and has run various handmade shops since then. It wasn’t until two years later that her dreams truly came to life with The Gnarly Whale though. She had always wanted to find a way to tie in her passion for cruelty free living with her work and finally found a way to do this with this shop in October 2012.

The Gnarly Whale is more than just a shop to Ashley and Nathan – it’s a reflection of how they strive to live. Not only do they keep ingredients to a minimum, they also focus on treading lightly on the Earth by using eco-friendly resources with their ingredients, containers, and packaging. Their goal is to ensure that you receive a high-quality, minimal-ingredient product that has low impact on the Earth every single time you buy from them.

Currently they offer lip balms, hair detangler, beach waves spray, shampoo, body spray and sugar scrub.  Due to the success that they have already seen, their plans to expand their current product line began almost immediately. In the upcoming months, they plan on adding numerous new products including: lotion, shaving gel, moisturizer, pet bathing products, and more. On top of that, their list of possible fragrances and flavors for their current products is always growing because they love to test out new scents whenever they get the chance.

The Gnarly Whale has been around close to two months now and the amount of success that they have already seen has completely blown them away. Between being included in multiple swag bags and receiving numerous wholesale orders within their first month of operation, Ashley and Nathan knew this was exactly what they were meant to be doing. Their hope for the future is to have The Gnarly Whale be a self-sustaining business for the both of them and to possibly expand into a brick and mortar store somewhere along the sunny Florida beaches. 

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