twitter tips for handmade businesses - #hashtags

Our first installment in our Twitter Tips for Handmade Businesses series was engagement. Today, we're doing a short segment on utilizing keywords through #hashtags.

The  great thing about Twitter is how easily your content can reach a new audience and become viral. Some ways this can happen is through sharing - your content can easily be "retweeted" by other users, which puts your post in front of their audience. Another way is through the ease of Twitter search. You can either use the search bar in the top right corner, or click on any #hashtags that pop up in your feed to be taken to a stream showing all recent Tweets that have been tagged with that #hashtag.

#hashtag tips:
  • Utilize product key words on Twitter by putting a # in front of them to create a hashtag. The more relevant and useful they are, the more easily your Tweets will be found. 
  • Don't use obscure hashtags like #youshouldreallybuythisasagift - use keywords relevant to your product. When I share my Mon-stors, I use tags like "#Cute #handmade #toy and #laundry #storage solutions for #kids!" All the tags are relevant, and they create a descriptive sentence as well as function to help my tweets get found on Twitter by people searching for any of those hashtags. If you aren't sure if a hashtag will help your product get found, type the tag (with the #) into the search bar and evaluate the results. If it's not a common hashtag used by several people, don't bother with it, because it won't help your tweets get found.
  • Every tweet doesn't need a hashtag - like we mentioned in the engagement post, not every tweet should be an advertisement. You don't need to use hashtags in replies or discussions with other Twitter users. Keep discussions organic and about connecting one on one with other users.
Experiment with hashtags - see which ones bring your indie shop the most traffic, which ones get you the most retweets, which ones get the most response! Remember, it won't happen over night - give it a few months before you start to evaluate results! 

Happy Tweeting!

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