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Photo Courtesy of A Single Dream
I've hosted several Tweet-ups about product listings, product photography, product descriptions, shop design - and there is one recurring thing that all participants agree on: if a product doesn't have excellent product photos, they don't even look at it. It doesn't matter how great a site's design is, if the photos aren't stellar, people are hesitant to buy from online shops that have poor quality photos.

Product photography is not easy. It's something a lot of indie artists and designers struggle with. And product photography is not something that you should ever 'settle' for being anything short of the best possible!

Luckily, there is a plethora of knowledge out there that can help you. I've compiled a list of product photography links, and I'll keep adding to it as I find more!

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Storenvy : How to Take Great Pictures of Small Products

Handmadeology: Studio Quality Product Photos with a $12 Set Up

After Nine to Five: How to Get a White Background for Product Photos

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Storenvy : 5 Tips for Smart Phone Photography

Oh! My Handmade Goodness : iPhone + Picmonkey = Awesome Product Photogaphy

Handmadeology: Clothing Photography Tips

Everything Etsy : Improve Your Product Photography {5 DIY Tutorials}

Storenvy : 5 Secrets to Your Best Product Photos Yet

Paper & Stitch : Top 10 Tips for Better Product Photography

Happy shooting!

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