meet the maker - little green guy

In 2011 this adorable little business was born from a single hand sewn green monster plush, lovingly dubbed Little Green guy.

 Little Green Guy was created by Brittany Martin as a way to be artistic while staying home with her two children. Brittany began by hand sewing a plush, which she found she really enjoyed! She posted the picture to her Facebook page and was surprised by the response she got to it. She found herself doodling this character and writing a poem about him, and pretty soon, Brittany started getting requests for these adorable plushes and as more requests rolled in, she decided to take the plunge and taught herself, with much trial and error, to use a sewing machine and the business Little Green Guy, based around the character Little Green Guy, was born.

The first plushies were a little rough in design, but, loved none the less and as Brittany has pushed forward with her indie business, her character has evolved - beyond plushes into art prints and miniature clay sculptures, which evolved into photography prints of Little Green Guy and friends getting into mischief!

Brittany carries this LGG with her everywhere she goes!

And on beyond that, Brittany actually took the poem she had written about Little Green Guy, and created an illustrated children's book about her sweet little character!

The clay monsters, which began as a project for Art-O-Mat and now have moved on to feature entire monster scenes made from clay.

Brittany hopes to continue to grow her business and bring a bit of monster joy to everyone through her latest endeavor - a brick and mortar store!

Talking with Brittany while she prepares to open her shop is bringing back great memories of when Daft was open. ♥ She's opening a handmade gift shop, which will be located at 2955 Biddle Ave in Wyandotte, Michigan, on March 15th. The shop will boast her business name, Little Green Guy, a shop full of {handmade} awesome. There will be raffles for handmade prizes and lots of activities at the grand opening March 16th so if you are in the area be sure to check it out!  If you are interested in becoming a vendor, send Brittany an email with the subject "Little Green Guy".

Find her at the links below!


  1. Thanks so much! Can't wait for the store to open!

  2. Brittany's art is so unique and clever!! I'm so excited she's opening her own brick and mortar!!!