meet the maker - a single dream

Christine is the artist and designer behind A Single Dream. She creates beautiful bohemian inspired jewelry that is infused with her positive personality. 

Christine says A Single Dream began long before the jewelry store opened its virtual doors.  The name comes from her favorite quote, “A single dream is worth a thousand realities.”  It has always been a reminder to her to follow her dreams and not let go of the little things that make life worthwhile. When she decided to take her artisan jewelry to the next level by beginning a business she knew that A Single Dream was to be her business name, motto and mission.

Christine's treasured first jewelry sale
Christine invests a lot of love and passion into each piece of jewelry she creates, and says that it can be difficult to let it go. Her first sale was difficult for her. She had created a lariat necklace with a beautiful charm holder that had been in her collection for years. She invested a lot of time and love into the piece, and didn't expect it to sell so quickly. When it did, she says she could only hope the recipient loved it as much as she always will.   A great deal of thought and energy is put into her work, and it’s hard to completely let go.  

“Women want to look – and more importantly feel – beautiful,
and it makes me unimaginably happy to be a part of that.”- Christine

Christine takes her inspiration from many sources, and hesitates to put a label on it.  She finds herself drawn to historical styles but builds off of those and adds a bohemian feel to her pieces. If she had to define a personality type who would be attracted to her jewelry, Christine says:  "I like to think if Elizabeth Bennet ran away with a band of gypsies, what sort of jewelry would she wear?" which is a perfect description of her classy yet Earthy style and also her fun personality! 

Though she’s been making jewelry for many years, she hesitated to turn her passion into a business. She understood that it would require more than her creative skills and that running an independent business involves a lot more than just a beautiful product - that there are several hours a day spent marketing, networking, and doing the not-so-fun part of business like book keeping, analytics, taxes and like. Christine says she is amazed by the handmade community and how many new friends are willing to help and offer encrouagement. Both friends new and old have shown her that they have faith in her jewelry and she says it's overwhelming, but helps her get through the hard parts of starting an indie business.

With such a positive personality and beautiful style of jewelry, I can see A Single Dream creating a thousand beautiful realities. 


  1. This is a great write-up (i especially like the last line). The first sale lariat necklace is gorgeous!!! I love Christine's style!

    1. Christine has a very distinct and lovely style! We were so honored to feature her!

  2. I so agree! My custom earrings from Christine should be in the mail tomorrow!!!