epic art prints

Did you know to avoid excess eye strain and vision loss, you should exercise your eyes every twenty minutes by focusing them on an object that's about twenty feet away for twenty seconds? 

If you are like me and working out of your basement, or you don't have a great view from your studio, this is where epic art comes in. Hang paintings or art prints that inspire you and hang them around the room to give your eyes various places to land and rest during the work day. By choosing beautiful and visually stimulating art, you are choosing to feed your brain motivation and creative fuel! 

To make it easier to start your search for epic art for your work space, we took the pleasure of collecting some original works of art and beautiful art prints that we find motivating and inspiring just for your browsing pleasure! 

Kick Ass (at whatever you do) wooden block art by Bubblewrappd
Choose Joy by Pen & Paint
Scandinavian Architecture print by Anna See
Ocean Waves fine art print by Jessica Grundy
Be You print by Mereleemade
Inspire art block by Karladornacher
Today is going to be Amazing print  by The Love Shop
Inspire Yourself print by Melanie Statnick
Do you have motivational art hanging in your work space? 


  1. I would love that print by The Love Shop to hang in my living room!!!