#happyhandmade - week eight

Welcome to the eighth week of #happyhandmade! Think we can make this the biggest week ever? Tell everyone you know about #happyhandmade! We had 99 epic handmade products shared in last week's collection - whoa! Thanks to everyone who is spreading the word and helping #happyhandmade become such a successful tool for handmade businesses!

This week's Staff Picks:

This week's most viewed products were:

Hand turned wooden handle garden space by Mystic Eye Creations
Cross body bag by Echoland
Tell a Story mini canvases by The Happy Red Dog
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  1. Yay! I love how many gorgeous handmade products show up here. It's a smorgasbord of amazing!

  2. Thank you for much for making my rug one of staff picks!
    So many great things are being posted here ;)

  3. Love Love Love the Happy Handmade Connection! Yay!!!

  4. Great collection! I'll actually have to join this go round! :p
    Linked the Monster Bank (just too cute), the letter opener & that snazzy Steampunk ear cuff.

  5. Thanks so much <3 Love the products that get listed in here--gorgeous!

  6. Awww, the Mollie Dollie dolls melted my heart!

    I just tweeted it up! :)

  7. Mystic Eye Creations always catches my eye. Beautifully handcrafted!

    Thanks for these great link ups every week!

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  9. Good stuff! I tweeted Kiser Krafts Skittle Infinity Scarf, Musical Notes Birthday Card, and Rainbow Love Bracelet.

  10. Wow, nice surprise to see my wedding story pictures as one of the most viewed, thanks everyone! So much great stuff again this week, I love the Mollies Dollies!

  11. I shared the chevron earrings by Melli's Trinkets, The Mon-Stor from Lu & Ed, and an Imp from Impish on my personal FB page! <3