#happyhandmade fifteen

Welcome to week fifteen of #happyhandmade! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! I know I did - lots of family, good food, and sewing! :) Perfect weekend! ♥ 

Last week we had almost seventy amazing handmade products shared to the #happyhandmade collection! I hope we can top that this week! Share this collection with all of your crafty friends through the week and encourage them to link up! The more people linking up and sharing - the more eyes on all the great products in this week's collection! Woohoo! So share your products, share this post, share the handmade joy! :)  

There was so many new shops link up this week, and so many fabulous products! It was really hard to decide what to showcase. But finally, we narrowed it down! This week's Staff Picks!

Honeycomb soap by Bandtail Boutique
Strawberries and lace zipper pouch by Needle Slave Design
Super Hero favor tags by Adore by Nat

This week's most view products: 

Owl Rope Rug by My Twisted Thread
Bacon and Egg pillow set by Mayene Design
Crochet baby slippers by 2 Kute

Are you new here? #happyhandmade is a social sharing event for all artists, designers and crafters - you share up the three handcrafted products from your shop, then select three products from the link up list and share them via social media with your fans! In turn, people will be sharing your products with their audience, so everyone benefits from #happyhandmade with free promotion for their shops, reaching a wide new audience, as well as the benefit of shoppers browsing #happyhandmade here on our blog and the chance to be featured as a staff pick or most viewed product! Everyone wins! #happyhandmade is a great way to make new art friends too - follow the #happyhandmade tag on Twitter to connect with others participating in this week's link up!

What can you link up? Handmade products, art prints, and any designs you personally have created and had printed in small batches on clothing, fabric, notecards, etc. So long as you made it, you can share it! 

What you can't link up: blog posts, Facebook pages, giveaways, tutorials. This is to connect handmade shop owners with one another and promote one another's products, so all links you share should be do an individual product in your shop.

  • Link up to three {3} handmade products from your  shops below! 
  • Share at least three {3} items from this collection (not yours) via social media! (Please do not Pin items to Pinterest without express permission from the creator). 
  • Tell at least three people about this link up!
{spread the word! the more people who hear about it, the more exposure everyone gets!}

  • Please show your support of handmade and leave a comment listing your favorite three products from the link up that you shared! 


  1. So happy to see my owl rug is getting so much attention, thank you all!

    1. It is a truly stellar item!! I absolutely adore your work, thank you for linking up again this week!

    2. Thanks! And thank you for hosting it again :)

  2. Thanks for the breakfast pick!

    I'll have to come back again when more items are added to see more handmade goodies from everyone else! :)

  3. I shared the "Good Fisherman, Great Dad" from MommaRae's Design, the fabric rocket ship puzzle from the Happy Red Dog and the flower sachet :)

  4. great idea and great collection:)
    I shared
    Monkey Lovey by fAveritte creations
    blueberry plush donut
    and to the moon MommaRae's Custom Designs

    1. Thanks for joining us this week! :)

  5. Looks like some new shops! Awesome! I tweeted the Organic Lavender Spray, Spiral Hat by ionyka, Wire wrapped jasper coin bracelet, and I Am A Child Of God print by All Our Days. Yeah, that's 4. Will be tweeting more! :)

    1. Love your enthusiasm and spirit of community! Thank you so much for sharing lots of the products listed, you are wonderful! :)

  6. Ahh! Thank you for featuring me as a staff pick! =) <3<3<3

  7. Shared Great Dad keychain from MommaRae, A single dream's beautiful purple earrings, and Kim's lavendar room spray...