#happyhandmade week twelve

Welcome to another fabulous week of #happyhandmade! I am so excited to see all the awesome new shops that linked up last week! You guys are great - I love browsing this collection each week for staff picks and seeing what the most viewed products were! It's different every week!  New here? #happyhandmade is a social sharing event for artists and crafters - you share up the three products from your handmade shop, then select three products from the link up list and share them via social media with your fans! In turn, people will be sharing your products with their audience, so everyone benefits from #happyhandmade with free promotion for their shops reaching a wide new audience, as well as the benefit of shoppers browsing #happyhandmade here on our blog! Everyone wins! #happyhandmade is a great way to make new art friends too - follow the #happyhandmade tag on Twitter to connect with others participating in this week's link up! 

Blue shimmer eye shadow by Beautifeye
Cute fox amigurumi by Adorably Kawaii
Reusable dryer sachets in lavender by WSDreams

This week's most viewed products were:

Upcycled earrings by A Single Dream
Mon-stor - toy storage for kids by Lu & Ed
Sara Kate - fabric Mollie Dollie by The Mollie Shop
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  1. so much fun stuff! Love Sara Kate! :)

  2. I'm not surprised with "the most viewed" products.. They are outstanding!

  3. Derek the shark is making me smile this week!