take time

When was the last time you took a day off, unplugged, and just rested? 

I feel like we as creatives have an innate tendency to overwork ourselves, mentally and physically, and often don't give ourselves enough time to rest, relax, recharge. 

Keep your creative juices fresh and flowing - take a day off! Completely unplug. Schedule posts if you need  (tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck make this very easy!) to keep your social media outlets engaging while you are gone, and then commit to not checking your emails, tweets, Facebook messages. Just relax. 

Start a new TV series. 

Read a book. 

Go shopping. 

Do some yoga. 

Do things that are completely unrelated to your handmade business, and enjoy! When you get back in the studio the next day you will feel refreshed, creatively charged, and ready to create more awesome things!

I did just this yesterday. I sat down at my sewing machine, and didn't feel the spark. So I shut it off, shut my computer downand plopped on the couch, where I watched 6 episodes of Copper (an interesting TV series about New York police detectives set during the Civil War, if you like period shows check it out!). I took the dogs for an extra walk. I poked around in the garden. Enjoyed the sunshine. And woke up this morning energized, excited and ready to create, full of ideas! So here I am, signing off to hit the sewing machine. :) 

Tell me - how do often do you take complete days off from your handmade biz?

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