twitter tips for handmade businesses - fill out your bio

In continuing my Twitter Tips for Handmade Businesses series, I wanted to do a quick post on an under utilized portion of this fantastic networking site. Dun dun dun - The bio. Here's why I chose this topic:

I love connecting with people on Twitter. The site is great for getting your handmade shop in front of new people, but you have to give them the tools to find your shop. Instagram has revolutionized the way artists share their work with people via Twitter. With a few clicks you can share a photo from Instagram to Twitter and other sites. While this is fantastic, it can also inadvertently deter buyers if you aren't providing enough info with the photo. 

Regularly I see an awesome product photo retweeted into my feed from someone has posted to Twitter via Instagram, but when I click over to their profile so I can go to their shop and possibly purchase item, I'm often discouraged from making the buy if they haven't filled out their bio and included their shop URL. There have been times I have scoured the web for the store, but ideally, you do not want to make your potential customers work to buy from you. It should be fluid and easy. Provide your followers with all the info they need in your bio to find your online presence to make shopping a snap! Read on to find out how to edit your bio and what to add!

You create and edit your bio by going to settings, then from the menu on the left select profile. You will see a small box to input up to 160 characters to tell people about you. You want to include who you are, what you do and where you can be found!

There is a box to include your website, so you can add a social media link in your bio after you have covered your who and what if you have enough characters left. :) 

tip: The Twitter bio is a great place to put your tag line to further your branding, or to add a few personal bits to help personify the person behind the screen - you want people to be able to connect with you right away, so if you love Dr. Who and tweet about it often, add that to your bio! You will find your followers growing as you build your Twitter profile into a realistic extension of you - just by filling out your bio and telling the world about yourself!  

What does your Twitter bio say? 

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