storenvy saturday - good clean fun

Things have been crazy busy for a while, with buying a home and other life changes happening, and my Storenvy Saturday posts sort of tapered off. But this week I am bringin' 'em back, packed with handmade finds from!

This week, I challenge you to put away the body products filled with chemicals and perfumes and trade them in for some natural, handmade goodness!

Sea life Soaps by Sky Rain Soaps
Guinness Stout soap from Indulgent Creations Soap
Black Coffee soap from Black Kettle Soap Company
Vegan Lemon Basil soap by Shaka Soap
Botanical Blueberry by Simply Enchanted Life
Chocolate Mint by The Clean Hippie Soap Co

Lemongrass soap by Annya's Maternity Boutique

Answer a question: 

What is your favorite scent for bath and body products? I am personally a huge fan of citrus scents!

Do you use handmade soaps? Why or why not? 


  1. I do actually use handmade soap. I have exclusively used soaps from A Simply Enchanted Life for a few years now! My choice to go handmade had a lot to due with eczema. A lot of that choice had to do with the fact that homemade soap is amazing.

  2. wow, those look fantastic! I really enjoy soap with shea butter and coconut!

  3. I definitely use handmade soaps myself, I do prefer citrus scents as well!
    I buy my soap from "Soap Adventures" and I pick it up at the local farmer's market. I absolutely love the soaps with wool in it - an all natural scrubbie & exfoliator! It feels so nice.

    I decided to make the switch to hand made soaps after working in a high profile soap factory... Seeing the permanent burns on the mixers arms up to their shoulders from the nasty chemicals was one of the few main reasons for my change to hand made soaps (we made body wash, dish soaps, laundry soaps in liquids & powders).
    I love to support other small businesses as well and try not to buy from big brands anyways :)

  4. I love handmade soaps, and I definitely lean toward the citrus, but fruit scents have me hook line and sinker. :) Mmmm. Cherry... Anyway, my favorites are from Bubble & Flame; she uses recycled packaging, is palm-oil free, and is super eco-conscious.