Storenvy Saturday - Red, white and indie!

Celebrating Patriotism with this week's Storenvy Saturday handmade finds!
Red, lace and blue bow by Star's Apparel
Red, white and blue hair fascinator by Violet's Buds
Red, white and blue crochet bunting by Kiser Krafts
Knitted Fourth of July diaper cover and hat by Ava Girl Designs
Red, white and blue Your Are my Sunshine print by Kathy Panton

Yankee Doodle Dragon by Smiling Moon Creations
4th of July Star-land by Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard
Monsters in Love Magnet by Little Green Guy

Red and blue set with hints of white from Melli's Trinkets
Which is your favorite? How do you celebrate Independence Day? 


  1. I <3 the bunting by Kiser Krafts! Thank you for featuring Violet's Buds clip!

  2. I really love the bow and the dragon!

    ~Kira Kira Kawaii