ten facebook statuses to get people talking

Engagement is key.

I bet you hear that a lot, as a handmade business owner. But what IS engagement? 

Simply put: Engagement is building connections through conversation. Garnering interest in your social media outlets and increasing your knowledge of your audience. The more conversations you have, the more people who will know about you, your brand, and your products, and the more you will know about those who like your brand. Knowledge is power, especially when your business is involved!  

On Facebook, they have an algorithm that determines what content is shown, so not all of your fans see your posts - just the ones who engage with you often. Their likes and comments are their way of telling Facebook "Hey, I like this page! I want to see more of it in my feed!" So your goal, as a page manager, is to get more people commenting on your posts. 

So, friends, I've put together ten tried and true Facebook statuses that get people talking! Try these out on your page, and be sure to reply and interact with those that comment on your status! Because really, Engagement is basically just a conversation, between you and your audience. Several of these status can also help your business grow as you learn more about your audience! 

1. What's for breakfast/lunch/dinner? - People love food, people love talking about food. You can use this status to learn more about what type of foods your fans like, especially if you have a blog and post recipes to it occasionally. 

2. What's your favorite color/What is your least favorite color? - Turn the replies into a graph, and utilize this information for future color trends in your products. 

3. How's the weather? - So simple, but such a great conversation starter! 

4. How do you take your coffee?

5. What's in your cup right now? 

6. What time do you usually wake up/go to bed? - These two questions can be a great way to find out when your audience is active so you can time your posts when most of your fans are awake!

7. Where are you from? - Find out where your customers are - if you have a concentrated group of fans in one location, maybe consider booking a craft show in that region! (I did this one on a whim last night and it was so fantastic to see how widespread my audience is! So amazing!)

Snapshot from this recent status on my monster page! (Lu & Ed) Comments whited out.
More people saw this status than fans on my page, with no promotion. 1446 fans at time of posting, 1519 saw this!

8. Guess what color I'm working with? - Always a fun status to post, and you can offer a coupon to the people who guess correctly to create follow-through traffic to your shop! 

9. What are you up to today? - find out what your fans like do to, talk to them about their interests, hobbies and activities! People love to feel important and valued. You may just find you have a lot in common with your fans, and these discussions can birth friendships. ♥

10. If you could travel anywhere in the world... where would it be? Always a fun topic, and you can graph the answers and tie inspirations from popular locations into your designs - like Parisian inspired cards or Hawaiian inspired fabrics for your summer line of dresses!  

Have some suggestions for statuses that amp engagement on Facebook? Share with the class in the comments! 


  1. Really useful post!
    I sometimes worry about posting things that maybe to off topic

  2. Great topics! I find any questions about peoples favorite things get them talking-- especially movies, books & music.
    I also notice if I post a photo of something unrelated to my products, like a photo of flowers or food from my garden, I get a lot more fan interaction.

  3. Most def enjoyed this post! Thanks for the awesome tips!! :)

  4. Love this post! I love learning more about my followers as well! Nicely done

  5. Great post! I love when you ask a question on your FB page and a conversation gets going. This week we played guess what animal I as cutting. Was a lot of fun and I got some new critters to think about doodling.

  6. I am attempting these statuses this week.