make monday awesome

We are creatives.

Maybe we are the luckiest of the lucky, because Mondays are OUR day. It's another day to tackle our passion, to live our dream, to be OUR boss. We don't have to moan and groan about another day at the office - we should be excited to be living our dream! If ever you wake up on a Monday and think "ugh" about getting on with your work day, use these tricks to help turn that frown upside down and out some pep back in your step!

Tell yourself a story - the one about how your cute little handmade business was born. Remind yourself what it felt like the day you decided to make your art a job. How excited and inspired you were - and probably a little scared. And that's okay. That fear means you are pushing yourself to be your best that you are afraid to let yourself down. And you should never stop doing that, you should never stop feeling like you are anything less than the best out there! 

Tell yourself that you won't settle for a yawning, tired, unenthusiastic employee - because yeah, you are the boss, but you are also the employee. Never let yourself do work that you aren't 110% percent satisfied with. Set standards, maybe write a code of conduct and hang it in your studio space - if you were to hire someone to do your job, what would you expect from them? What would their daily responsibilities be? What type of attitude would you want them to have? Hold yourself accountable and act like you are shooting for Employee of the Month every day! Do work you are proud of, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done - or, treat yourself to some chocolate.

Don't wear your PJs because sure, while that's definitely a perk to owning your own business and working from home, it sucks your motivation right out of ya. Get up, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, and get dressed. Acting like you are going to work creates a motivated atmosphere, and you feel good about yourself, and confidence is the first step to creating awesome things!

Be healthy. Eat good. Sleep well. Don't drink coffee (at least not all day). No, really. If you want a healthy, thriving business, you need to be healthy and thriving. You need to be focused, satisfied (mentally and nutritionally) and not over-tired and over-caffienated. Eat mindfully, savoring your breakfast before you start checking emails. Exercise before you begin work - even if it's just a short walk, some stretches, toe touches - whatever tickles your pickle! Just get that blood flowing and those muscles ready to work! Replace coffee with water to stay hydrated and stave afternoon headaches and that sluggish dragging feeling. Go to bed at reasonable time. It can be hard to adjust your routine but I think you'll find when you are nutritionally satisfied, your body is healthy and you are well rested, you will be more inspired and motivated to complete tasks in your studio!

Remember, being able to own your own business is an honor. It's an incredible feat. Give yourself a round of applause every day and remember YOU are in charge of what kind of day you have, so make Monday - and every day - AWESOME. 

What are some tips you have to fight off the Monday blahs? 

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