storenvy saturday - color me pretty

It's no secret Daft loves Storenvy. Weekends have been busy around here lately and I haven't had enough time on the weekend to keep up with the Storenvy Saturday posts, but as we've settled into the school routine (hello, second grade!) I'm ready to add more content into my posting schedule! Thank you for being patient with me, I know this blog has been quite quiet lately, and I am looking forward to investing more time into Daft this fall! 
Without further ado, let me share this week's choice of lovely products from Storenvy's handcrafted market! 

Balloon Room hand dyed yarn by Penguin Soup
Rainbow Chloe doll by The Mollie Shop
Beyonce the Chicken by Beyonce the Chicken
Headband by Penny's Eclectic Closet
Objectify Clock by Vanilla Design Store
Fall may be just around the bend, but we're clinging to the bright colors of summer a bit longer around here! ;) Happy Labor Day weekend, friends! 


  1. Great colors!
    I just bought a Molly doll for a gift - sooo cute :)

    1. Epic! You will not be disappointed, Cari's dolls are top notch quality!

  2. So very colorful! I love the headband by Penny's Eclectic Closet!

  3. So cute! I love the rainbow colours of all the items ^_^