#happyhandmade week 55

Hello, maker buddies and lovers of handmade! Things have been kind of quiet around here this week - but with good reason! I am working on some exciting new posts about upcycled craft show displays for you guys! Eek! I can't wait to launch this series - it's double fun as I am preparing for my first show of the season, March 28th - it's Zeleny's first mini eco market in Parkville, MO. I will be there with my Mon-stors from Lu & Ed - if you are local to the KC area come out and say hi!

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Without further ado, let's show off the picks from this week!

 This week's Staff Picks:

Mini Yarn Ball Earrings by Crafteroni and Cheese
Rainbow Bellied Monster by Wonky Critters
Rainbow Connection Hair Clip Duo by Violet's Buds

This week's Most Viewed:

The Silver Collection Bracelets by The Prettiest Star
Batman Unsponges by Nature Junkie
Chocolate Strawberry Cupcake from Aufa Handmade

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  1. So much cuteness. I tweeted about Cosmos in a Jar, the Sailormoon necklace and the shop indie sign.

  2. So far the Shop Indie sign and Oh the Places You'll Go nursery artwork. Going to try to share a few a day:)

    1. Also shared the custom peg doll and the Tardis magnet :)

  3. Not sure I have a favorite this week, but I am sharing a few of course - lion hat, oz peg toy, past heart necklace, baby bunny... and the tardis of course

  4. Shared the Rainbow Monster Plush, Do something Creative Wood Sign, Tardis Police Box Magnet, Birds Nest Necklace and the Ice Cream Dreamer Sticker Pack.

  5. So many amazing goodies this week...it's kinda hard to narrow it down! Just blogged about the furry green and blue monster plush, scrawny girl's bunny lover card and the oh, the places you'll go nursery artwork. Good stuff - puts me in the mood to shop ;)

  6. So much awesome as always! I shared the Darwin Dollie, custom pic to peg, felt cars & roadsigns, and the Bohemian necklace. thanks as always for hosting!