3 ways to be happier as a maker + a free printable!

Your weekly dose of positivity & love, and a free printable by Nedra of Origami Delight

Dream - and always dream big and boldly! 
Record your dreams, no matter how silly or lofty they seem - and chart out a map to make your dreams come true! You want your products to be featured in a publication? Begin by setting up a professional photo shoot with your products! Break down that big, bold, beautiful dream into tiny, little steps and always work towards your goals, no matter how far out of reach they seem - because they will always be out of reach if you aren't climbing towards them!

Create memories. 

Step out of the studio. Unplug. Surround yourself with people you love. Take trips. Learn new skills. Go on adventures. These moments and memories are what shape your creativity and awaken your muse as a maker, so always make time for life outside of the studio and allow yourself guilt-free days off to treat yourself and your loved ones!


Share your story - I promise you people want to to hear it. Be open about your practices and processes. Share tips and tricks for your trade and invite questions. Offer advice freely and with kindness. There is no greater joy in the handmade community than being an inspiration & helping others thrive!

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What are your dreams? Do you regularly set aside time in your schedule for fun & adventures? How do you inspire others? Let's discuss ways to infuse our creative lives with happiness!

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