unplug and make stuff - free printable

Anyone else need this gentle reminder sometimes?

I started thinking about this post and designing a printable last night and reached out to Chelsea from Crafteroni & Cheese for some help making it a reality and she blew my mind - this is exactly what I had envisioned! I immediately print it out and hung it in my studio - directly in front of my sewing machine, as a constant reminder to put down the phone because no, seriously, I really don't need to instagram every latest plush in all it's stages of creation.

I feel like as makers sometimes we get so caught up in the web - comparing, connecting, conversing, contacting, consuming, crafting our next update - that we forget that in order to make it, sometimes we simply need to unplug and MAKE stuff. In order for a maker to thrive we must devote ourselves wholly to our trade and  always be creating and churning out new ideas, new methods, new processes and products.

You can download the free printable created by Chelsea with or without spots & hang it as a reminder that to make it, sometimes you have to just MAKE. Really invest your whole self in your artwork, with no distractions.

Do you ever feel like you become too invested in the internet? How do you combat these feelings?


  1. YES! I am so printing this! I'm amazed at how much I can get lost on the interwebs sometimes.

  2. I love this! I often get sucked into the computer-- networking, blogging, promoting, etc that I don't make enough time for making things! I'm still trying to find a balance and schedule that works.

  3. Love this!! I'm an IG addict, so will try and take note! Printing now.. :)