meet the maker - Scott from Gipson Wands

Scott Gipson is a wood working , wand making, self-proclaimed geek and founder of GipsonWands, a Missouri based company, specializing in Harry Potter geekery & kids imaginative play toys (that also make awesome cosplay accessories, so Scott gets double cool points for that)!

Scott has a love of science fiction and fantasy stories goes all the way back to watching original The Star Wars movies and re-runs of Star Trek on Saturday, and getting in magical lands through the pages of books like Narnia and the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings - Scott's childhood was magical & full of imagination so it's no surprise his art business is built upon his love of magical worlds and fantasy tales. 

He became enthralled with the world of Harry Potter when he started listening to the series (he borrowed the audio books from his mom) back in the fall of 2001 while attending college - right after 9/11. He wanted a diversion from the pain, the chaos and the sadness. He was hooked by the characters and magic right away.

Scott started Wand making in 2008 when he really wanted a wand to call his own. He decided to make one for himself by hand out of wood he had harvested. His friends and family loved it, so he made wands as gifts for them. His wands were in such demand that he had a fantastic realization - he should become a wand maker. That is when GipsonWands was started  - selling wands made from locally sourced, naturally cured wood, running on a self made website that saw no traffic. 

It wasn't until two years later that things began to really get magical! He was given his grandfather’s lathe, which made wand production much quicker, and he switched to a shared Etsy store. Business really picked up, and his wands got more intricate with each one he made. In one year, he had sold over 100 wands, opened his own independent wand shop on Storenvy, and expanded his line to include crochet hooks, mini-wands, bookmarks, stickers, buttons and art cards. He has also expanded his wood types and stuck to his eco-friendly wand making by using salvaged lumber. He has also taken part in many local craft fairs and honed a fine display that brings wonder to every event.

Scott's wands are magically simple toys for magically imaginative children - they encourage imaginative play and creativity, foster a love for stories and legends and are made with naturally cured wood that is sealed with organic oil - perfect for children of all ages, and created with longevity in mind, so these fun childhood toys can be passed down through the generations! 

And let's not forget the makers - Scott's handmade, lathe turned crochet hooks have an ergonomic design with a wide, curved handle that reduces strain on your wrist as you create - perfect for amigurumi makers or crocheters who are tackling big projects like mood blankets or large afghans, or for crocheters suffering from carpal tunnel or arthritis.

Scott's love for his trade shines through in the top-quality craftsmanship of his products, and his enthusiasm for his products! 

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  1. Love Scott's wands, though I think this is the first time I have see the face behind the wands!

  2. I also loved hearing a bit about the face behind the wands! He has a beautiful story about taking such attention to detail and making wands first just as gifts and then expanding into the shops. Love that it's all eco friendly wood and materials too, really sets Gipson wands apart I think!

  3. I'm in love with Scott's crochet hooks! They are simply amazing! Not just beautiful, but very practical and make my crocheting much easier on my hands.

  4. i LOVE his wands! Saving to buy one!