meet the maker - Toni from Little House of Crafting

Meet Toni, the geeky maker behind Little House of Crafting! While working full-time in higher education, Toni started making and selling pinback buttons in February 2013 so a close friend would have company while selling at anime convention Artist Alleys across the Midwest. Toni later added in 8bit art using perler beads.

Even though Toni loved attending anime conventions, she decided it was time to expand and launch an online presence. After days of pondering a shop name, Toni finally came upon Little house of Crafting - a nod to the adorable 650 square-foot house in Michigan in which she and her husband live, and a title that allowed her brand to grow and include various types of art forms. In May 2013, she opened her Storenvy shop.

As 2013 drew to a close, Toni began to struggle with the ethics of selling fan art for profit. After months of debate, in March 2014, Toni finally decided to no longer make art from copy righted franchises & decided to focus on expanding on her own original designs. She also began assisting other makers with promotional materials by providing her button and magnet making services.

As her business rapidly grew, Toni decided to pay it forward and donated 5% of sales to the Student Loan List to assist students with their student loans after graduation. She is very excited about this venture and being able to help other students repay their debts as while running her own business & making geeky-chic goodies!

Today, Toni squeezes in time after her day job at the university in her cozy home making new designs on her laptop or cutting out and punching buttons and magnets. Toni is proud to reuse packing materials and make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to packaging and shipping, including her cute new button cards that are printed on recycled paper.

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