How to Gain Loyal Customers through Creative Packaging

Today's guest post is brought to you from Anne McOmber from Totally Design

Creative packaging may just be one aspect of the experience you provide for your customers, but it's also the last and final step of their purchase. And believe it or not, your unique and carefully wrapped package could make the difference between a customer that you never see again and a customer that keeps coming back for more.

As creative entrepreneurs, your time and your resources can be stretched incredibly thin... to put it mildly. However, I absolutely, positively assure you that it's worth the little extra time and expense to make your product packaging memorable. 

A package that has been thoughtfully put together and includes the time and effort of a thank you note, not only portrays a professional, yet personal image but leaves a positive impression and fosters a genuine, lasting relationship. Your packaging has the potential to say, "I don't just care about the sale. I care about your experience. And I appreciate you choosing me." Building a relationship is key to creating loyal customers that will repeatedly come back to your shop. 

I'm convinced that what our customers see when they first open that shipping box is just as important as what's being sent. 

A couple things to think about when figuring out your packaging:

Use colors and materials that are consistent with your brand and product. If your logo is pink and black, consider incorporating those colors in your product packaging. If you identify your business as being eco-friendly, then be sure your packaging is also made of eco-friendly materials. A photo or description of your creative packaging should be able to fit seamlessly into your shop. 

Your packaging does NOT need to be elaborate or expensive. You're not just selling a handmade product, you're providing a genuine handmade experience. Rather than sending your product off in a glossy custom box, focus on the small details and personal touch that will make your packaging memorable. 

Always include a thank you card. Your customers are the people who adore your products most and bring success to your shop. If you ask me, I'd say that deserves a big thank you! A hand-signed thank you note is the perfect way to express gratitude for their support and appreciation of your passion. 

Remind them where to go to get more. If your thank you card doesnt have your name and website on them, then be sure to send a business card or something else that does. Once they see your incredible packaging and product, you don't want your wonderful customers to have to go searching for your website.

And now, I'd love to hear from you. How do you treat your customers to a creative and thoughtful package?  


  1. This is absolutely true!! I always wondered if customers cared about the hand written thank you notes that I wrote (on the back of a little flyer a friend designed for me), and then in a review a customer said once that she really loved it. I figured that others must too after that, and always try to put a personal touch. I also try to keep my packaging simple and natural, & eco-friendly, to go w/ my brand and personal mission. Luckily eco-enclose makes it easy w/ their 100% recycled items, & then of course re-using mailers that I've gotten whenever I can. I think it's really important to evaluate things from the lens of your brand, as you said. One example I had of this recently was thinking about gift paper, I thought it could add a bit of excitement to the experience, one company that I really like uses bright and fun chevron paper (which I always re-use for gifts to friends), but I didn't think it fit w/ my brand image and instead went w/ plain, recycled parchment paper.

    1. Mitla, that customer feedback is so invaluable! I've always believed that those little, personal touches do get noticed and appreciated, and I'm sure that it was so rewarding to hear it from the mouth of a customer. And I love that you've worked hard to stay true to your brand with your packaging. It sounds like your customers are treated to a wonderful experience, all the way up to that open-the-box moment :) Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Great product packing is an important part of creating a memorable experience and gaining repeat business from your customers.

    1. I couldn't agree more, Dana : ) Thanks for commenting!