Making Shipping Easy - Two Great Shipping Rate Guides from!

So, these are pretty incredible shipping rate guides to keep handy! 

2014 Priority Mail Rate Comparison Guide

While I always try to ship first class whenever possible to save my buyers a little moolah, I recently found this amazing Priority Mail Rate Comparison Guide via and wanted to share it with all of you! Super handy to print out and keep handy when packaging orders! Download yours here
The pricing table sorts package rates by weight downward and by zones across, so find your package weight then determine which zone it will be traveling to and viola, you've just found the cheapest way to ship your product via USPS Priority Mail! 

2014 USPS International First Class Rates

Shipping internationally can be scary - but with this handy guide, you will find that it may not be as complicated as you thought! This guide makes it easy to find shipping rates for international first class packages to help you accurately set your international shipping rates in your shop!

Download your International First Class Rates guide from here!

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