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This post is brought to you from Melanie of Violet's Buds. Melanie has Bachelors of Science in Photography and provides product photography advice and services to entrepreneurs.

Previously I shared four makers who create engaging WIP photos. Another way to utilize the power of a WIP photo is by posting behind the scenes, exclusive type photos. Fans love to see the process behind the products, sometimes it helps build attachment to the product they see being made, which results in increased sales - and by publishing images of the process of creation, you are instilling trust by being utterly transparent about how your products are created, making your brand more memorable and note-worthy.

To capture this quality of image of you working, you may need the assistance of a friend to take the photographs, or utilize the timer function on your camera, but make sure your WIP photos are well lit, clutter free and beautifully staged. Below are some examples of various wonderfully staged WIP photos & what they convey.

Tumbleweeds Handcrafted does an excellent job showing the hustle behind the handmade & beautifully portraying the chaos of creativity with their WIP photos, making their products especially appealing to young, hard working American's who can relate to pulling all-nighters to make their dreams come true. They have created a visually stunning social media campaign that makes their audience feel as if they are a part of the creative journey, creating a very intimate bond with their products.

Landon's Toy Box shared this beautiful photo hand painting a peg toy, which drives home the fact that every single toy she designs is painted by hand. This makes her products feel exclusive, and the detail in her WIP photos shows that she cares as much about the process as the finished product, demonstrating quality & attention to detail which helps consumers know that her products are well designed, carefully created and built to last.

In this beautiful image from Kiser Krafts, it emotes love & comfort, which helps consumers relate to her products and feel a fondness for her cute home products & toys, helping people trust her work because they can see the care & love with which she creates it. By showcasing her own work being done with a handmade crochet hook by GipsonWands, it opens the door for collaborative marketing. Odds are, both parties will share the image, and tag one another, resulting in an increased audience seeing the photo & products, generating new interest in their processes and products. 

This photo from Lu & Ed captures monster making in process and adds a bit of humor showing the "I've created a monster" sticker on the sewing machine, which ties in perfectly to her playful, colorful & childlike branding, resonating with her target audience. Coupling fun images like this with an invitation for parents to ask their children for name suggestions builds a strong bond between consumers & her products.

Here, GipsonWands snapped a shot of the final process to wand making - applying the walnut oil coat. By sharing images from various stages of wand making, Scott is able to fully demonstrate how his organic toys are made with locally sourced lumber that is naturally cured, which instills trust in his products & make them a top choice among wooden toys for children.  

By showing people the process to create your products, you are demonstrating transparency, building trust and making people a part of the process, which is invaluable. Taking the time to set up for a photo shoot to capture wonderful WIP photos is definitely a worth while investment & one that you should make time for frequently! 

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