Using SocialBro to Analyze Your Twitter Account

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If you're looking to analyze your Twitter account I highly recommend SocialBro. SocialBro has the most in depth Twitter analysis I've seen yet! There is so much information to be gathered for free it's unbelievable!

Let's get to it!

Once you sign up and sync your Twitter account to SocialBro you will have a dashboard to play with. It's packed with information. I'll detail a few things:

Follower stats - You can see the trend of your followers. The "annotations" feature is very nice! Want to see how many followers you get from a giveaway or a sale you're promoting? Use the "annotations" feature to select the days you would like to track. 

Countries - An interactive map of the countries you have followers in.

Kred score - Your Kred score is based on your interaction with others on Twitter in regard to mentions and retweets of others. Influence ranges from 1 to 1,000. Outreach ranges from 1 to 10. Business Today notes that scores of at least 700 and 7 is good. How do you score?

Under the "Analytics"tab, "Community insights" provides variety of information:
Time zones - A graphic representation of the time zones your community. This information can be used to detail the best time to tweet. SocialBro has a report for that. I will detail that soon!

 - Location information detailed from your community's bios.

Right under "Community Insights" is my favorite report - "Best Time To Tweet":
You can customize the report or you can base it off your top 100 followers.
After the report is created you will see a wealth of information!

When followers are online - A graphic representation of when your followers are online. The black dots shows the best time to tweet on the day you run the report and the best time to tweet during the week. My favorite part of this report is you can sync these times with HootSuite and Buffer!

Online followers by hour and day of the week - You can select days individually or you can see the details of the week as a whole by choosing "all". This information is useful but I find the next set of data even more so!

Potential exposure by hour and day of the week - This set of data details the potential exposure your tweets based on the followers of your followers. Your influential followers are exposing your tweets to their followers, which increases your reach.

What followers talk about - This data details the most used tags of your community. You can then better tailor your tweets to include tags and links that your community will most enjoy.

​Finally, under "Best Time To Tweet" is "Real Time Analytics". I don't spend a lot of time here but it's fun to watch! You can see what app and client is being used to access Twitter too.

Thank you so much for hanging with me today to learn more about SocialBro. 

Have you used a website to analyze your Twitter account? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for breaking this app down in manageable pieces. I'd heard of it before but didn't realize how many features it includes!