#happyhandmade week seventy-six

Get your cute self over here & get ready to experience to #happyhandmade, the top social sharing collective of handmade products from various artists, shops & platforms, all brought together to aid in product discovery and help connect artisans with new audiences and other makers! 

Each & every week there will be SIX chances to be featured, either as staff pick or most viewed - so be sure to share #happyhandmade with your friends, family, Etsy teams, in forums and in Facebook groups you're a part of - the more people seeing this link up, the more people shopping & seeing your goods and the bigger our #happyhandmade community grows! 

This collective generates over 2,000 click-throughs to participants shops every month thanks to everyone spreading the word about the link up and sharing items from the collection to social media, which leads to even more traffic to everyone's shops! Keep up the great work sharing #happyhandmade!

This week's Most Viewed:

Link up to three (3) handmade products from your shops below! 
  • Share at least three (3) items (but more if you want!) from this collection (not yours) via social media
(Do not Pin items to Pinterest without express permission from the creator)
  • Spread the word! the more people who hear about it, the more exposure everyone gets!
  • Please show your support of handmade and leave a comment listing your favorite three products from the link up that you shared!
What can you link up? Handmade products, art prints, and any designs you personally have created and had printed in small batches on clothing, fabric, notecards, etc. So long as you made it, you can share it! 

What you can't link up: we do not allow links from blogs, Facebook pages, giveaways, tutorials, or items that are factory produced. This collective is to connect handmade shop owners with one another and promote one another's products, so all links you share should be to an individual product in your shop. 

How to join in: Click "add your link" - in the first box put the URL to your INDIVIDUAL product listing, not your shop home page. In the second box, put a description of your product. In the third, your email address. Click Submit and then select a thumbnail for the photo!


  1. Shared the unsponges, unpaper towels and monster snack pouch.

  2. Shared the crochet hat and scarf set (green and copper), spooky banner and red elm bowl. :-)

  3. I shared the Penguin hat, the Love Block, and the Mischief Managed necklaces

  4. ^^ I love stopping by to share my items, and to check out the cute other pieces listed. Tweeted about... Small Tablet Cover Bag with Adjustable Strap, Scrumptiously Clean-handsoap trio set, Blue and teal anchors handmade nautical knot headband [Loooove the display], Sky Above Me Shirt. Womens Shirt, Keep Calm and Read On 1.25 pinback button, Minecraft Inspired Creeper soap, Ugly Necklace Makeover, Marvel Regular-size Unsponges and Mischief Managed Necklace Set.... :D

  5. My favorite items are the Unpaper towels, the Witchy rag garland and the Sky Above Me shirt - and I used my first three Tweets ever to tell people about them! Now I need my first three followers! @mooncatdesigns :D

    Seriously, un-paper towels. What an awesome idea.

  6. I shared on Twitter: Pride and Prejudice Peg Dolls, Hightide Curacoa Pouch, Leopard Studded Clutch, and Halloween Rag Garland. Lovely items everyone!!

  7. I shared on FB the Trinity knot pendant, the custom mouse, and the the Himalayan cat.

  8. Sharing on twittah! :) So many CUTE things!!! :) xoxo

  9. Tweeted badge reel, spooky sign and jellyfish pencil topper!

  10. So much cuteness! I shared the Strawberry Clips by Bownanza Utah; Gracie the Sloth and Bird on a Branch String Art. Thank you for the opportunity to link up!

  11. Love all of it. Tweeted the Wrap Bracelet in peacock, photo of the bridge (LOVE), pride & predjudice peg dolls, and the ouchie owl