How to Approach Your Dream Clients

This is the final installment in our dream client series. If you are new here, use the previous posts to help you identify your target audience (aka Dream Clients), define their interests, find out where & when they are online.

As we go into this final installment I want to again say that a dream client is not necessarily your current clients and this does not devalue your current clients in any way. Identifying & marketing to your dream clients mean that you are marketing smarter, creating content that speaks directly to the type of people who you want to buy & share your content - these people are usually influential & have a large social media following, and when you market to them your reach is exponentially increased which means more traffic, exposure to more influential people & more sales. 

For instance, when I started altering my marketing three months ago, I picked BabiekinsMag as one of my dream clients - and four weeks ago they contacted me regarding creating some items for a spread in their fall editorial. I was shocked. I didn't think I would actually be able to capture their attention, they are a huge publication with over 43,000 Instagram followers! Ultimately, the project didn't work out due to time constraints but it is hard & concrete evidence that altering your marketing to your dream clients is incredibly beneficial & results in better exposure & increased sales. It also means you spend less time marketing & more time making because the time you did spend marketing reaps better results than marketing frequently to all the people who like all the things so they may like your things, too - you only spend time marketing to the people you KNOW will love your stuff, during the prime times for you to post.  

So let's go into this last chapter with gusto! We know who our dream clients are, what they like, when and where they are. Let's strike up a conversation with them! 

I don't know about you, but when I have a conversation with someone on social media I head over to their profile, and usually end up following them. Before you approach your dream clients, your profile should reflect their interests that we defined throughout this series, because approaching your dream clients is like saying hello & inviting them in for coffee - your profiles on all social media accounts should have a variety of content & products should be shared organically.

If you are approaching people who like fashion, you should have fashion content on your profile. If you can pair your products naturally in these photos without telling people only about your product, that is the best way to approach them & let them know you aren't in this just for the sales - for instance, a picture of a new top paired with skinny jeans & your latest necklace would most likely interest fashionistas more than a picture of your necklace. Show your dream clients you truly care about topics that interest them & help them relate to you. If you approach them, and make yourself approachable, your dream clients are much more likely to follow you on social media & buy from you. 

Yup, it's that simple - approaching your dream clients has nothing to do with marketing your products. 

Crazy concept, right? 

Let's say you are on Instagram & want to connect with your dream clients there. You could post a picture with 37.5 million hashtags (half of which won't even put you contact with your dream clients, but more on that later) - or, you could review your dream clients interests (let's say they are into natural parenting) and search relevant hashtags (like the #babywearing hashtag). Ding! Hello, dream clients! You are now staring at tens of thousands of photos by your dream clients - natural parents!

Approaching your dream client is easy - as easy as leaving a comment on social media. Some examples of good ways to approach your dream clients:

"Oh my gosh, your baby is so adorable, and I love that wrap. What brand is it?"

"The color of that wrap looks fantastic on you! Did you dye it yourself?"

"Love this image of you & your baby, you're adorable! What is your favorite way to carry your baby?"

Notice what all of these have in common? It has nothing to do with you or your products. Nope. Instead, you are a person who appreciates their interests & their lifestyle, not a seller trying to shove your products down their throat. You are complimenting them about something that is important to them. You are building the foundation for conversation & an organic connection, and are exponentially more likely to capture their interest.  

Of course there are times you can give a little nod to your business. Let's say your dream client is into fashion. Search that #ootd (outfit of the day) tag & find outfits that relate to the style of your products. Here is some ways you can approach them:

"I LOVE this outfit! Where did you get the top from? I have a necklace in my shop I would love to pair with that shirt for photos!"

"That sweater looks incredible on you. I need to start working on my fall line of jewelry, I have some designs in my head to pair with bulky sweaters that I can't wait to work on! What sort of colors do you think will be hot this autumn?"

"Ah, I love sweater dresses!  My favorite way to dress mine up is with this layered necklace I made or some fancy earrings. What accessories do you usually pair with yours?" 

Again, it's all about your dream clients - you start out with a compliment revolving around their content and when appropriate, your products can naturally be brought into the conversation without trying to sell them. This will usually interest the original poster & they will pop over to your profile & take a peek - so again, this means that your profile, no matter what platform you are on, should reflect your dream clients interests which I can pretty much guarantee isn't only your products. 

Another way to approach your dream clients is by following larger brands similar to yours (for instance, if you make toys for preschoolers you could follow people like Melissa & Doug & join conversations in the comments of their posts - again, not talking about you, but talking with peers. Example, you could reply to someone & let them know that your kiddo also plays with X toy - do they have any others they would recommend? Or maybe "My kiddo takes his "insert relative item name here" too! I just designed a new tote bag for him & ended up adding some to my shop too - it makes getting around so much easier with all the toys in tow!"

Two ways you should never approach your dream clients: 

Do not ever post on another businesses social media trying to drive sales. Casually mentioning your products is okay - saying "You can buy that in my shop" or "I make these" or telling people "if you are interested in one message me" is never, ever okay on other people's social media accounts. It is tacky & will most likely result in you getting reported for spam. Just don't do it. If you can't organically bring up your products into the conversation without trying to sell them or mentioning your shop, just don't bring them up. 

Bad example: "I have a toy in my shop that you would love for your nursery."
Good example: "I am loving this nursery! I just made a toy that matches the colors you used - I am loving these colors together right now!"

Bad example: "I have a necklace that matches your dress in my shop, you could check it out!"
Good example: "I love your fashion style! I just finished making a gorgeous necklace & your post just gave me a great idea for how to style my outfit for photos!"

The bad examples do nothing to build a connection and are not likely to do anything but get ignored, while the good examples are more likely to strike a conversation or pique their interest so they visit your social media account. 

Never directly ask people to visit your profile or shop. Again, if you can't organically mention your work, then don't mention it at all. If someone asks you where they can check out your work, then by all means tell them your URL. But if it doesn't come up, don't mention it.

Most importantly, when approaching your dream clients: Be authentic. Never fake your interests or post comments that aren't genuine. And remember - have fun getting to know your dream clients! The more you engage with your target audience the more you learn what sort of content resonates with them. 

Thank you to everyone who joined in on our dream client series! 

In the comments, feel free to share your thoughts on this series! I would love to know how it has helped you identify your dream clients & approach them! 

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