How to Set Up Text Message Notifications for Sales on Storenvy

Sad you don't hear a cha-ching when you get a sale on Storenvy? Well, now you can! (Mine plays Money, That's What I Want by Flying Lizzards, but hey, whatever alert tone you want.)

It's super easy to set up, so what are you waiting on? Go to your Storenvy admin panel>Extras & scroll down until you see Zapier. Click over to it & set up an account - it's totally free! You can not only set up text alerts but also capture emails from purchases to add to your newsletter & many more awesome things! Peruse the site & all it's awesome functions, it's really rad! 

Once your account is all set up, let's make a new Zap! 

Step 1: You will chose Storenvy as the first platform (You set this up in your settings when setting up an account or by clicking your profile in the right hand corner & selecting Connected Accounts), and the trigger will be New Order. 

The second platform you choose is Phone & the action is Send SMS. 

Step 2: Test your Storenvy account to make sure it's linked properly & transmitting info to Zapier!

Step 3: Input your phone number that you want to send the SMS messages to. 

Step 4: Set when you want this action to happen - you can set filters but we don't need to that since we are just setting up a text notification for sales.

Step 5: Type in the message you want to get.

Step 6: Send yourself some sample texts. Then save the number to your phone as whatever you wish & add the custom tone so you get a notification of new sales! 

Step 7: Turn it on! 

It's that easy peasy! 

Will you be using mobile notifications for Storenvy sales?


  1. This is so helpful! Thank you for posting it!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I just set it up for my mom's phone today & she's excited to have a special noise for those new sales too. :)