Handmade Goodies for Every Walking Dead or Zombie Fan

The Walking Dead is kinda a big deal. I'm still about 3 seasons behind, but since it's premier I've been seeing tons of zombie goodies & wanted to share some of my favorites with you! 

Wee Amigurumi Zombie by Crafteroni & Cheese - who knew zombies could be so cute!

Baby Zombie Sock Monkey by Stacey Jean 

Zombie linen sachet by Winter Solstice Dreams - bet these smell better than real zombies!
Undead Bread by Saint Angel Productions - bread that bites, look out! 

Zombie T-rex shirt by Krmbal - now THAT is a zombie to be afraid of! 

Are you a Walking Dead fan? If so, who is your favorite character? 

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  1. Wow!! Thank you ssooooooo much for the feature!