How to create a photo shoot survival kit

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Preparing for a photo shoot? Can't find your lint roller? Getting annoyed that the light isn't just right?

Gather supplies into a box, bag or even just a remote location so they will always be at hand when it's time to photograph products! Here are a few essential items you may want to consider adding to your photo shoot survival kit. Many of these are items you may have around the house & already use, but by creating a photo shoot survival kit, gathering them all up makes photo shoots run smoother!

Most importantly, you should have a reflector or two (read here for more info on reflectors). Bring along some clips- binder or strong chip clips- to help you position the reflectors. Alternatively, spring clamps are a big help. You can purchase them at most hardware stores.
A photo shoot survival kit should have one or more of the following items that can help with pesky fibers, stray hairs, smudges, etc. 
  • Wet wipes and facial tissue
  • Towel/cloth
  • Lint roller
  • Small scissors
  • Safety pins 
If you are photographing models, you can also include these in your kit:
  • Comb
  • Hairspray
  • Bobby pins
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
 Other items you may want to have handy are a tripod, and books, blocks or canisters for various height placements & objects to be used for positioning your products.

Spending time putting together a photo shoot survival kit will eliminate any undue stress during a product photography session & help it run without a hitch, meaning fewer reshoots & better quality photos! 

What must-have items do you need in your photo shoot survival kit?

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