Cute & affordable handmade stocking stuffers!

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There's 44 days left until Christmas and if you're anything like me, you're no where near being ready! Luckily, there's over 50 stores to stalk until the Storenvy Cyber Monday Flash Sale on December 1st! 
I've compiled a few lists of awesome handmade products from the participating #StorenvyFlash30 stores that will hopefully help out your holiday shopping dilemma! Up first in this Gift Guide series is a compilation of tiny, cute, and affordable handmade products that will fit perfectly in those stockings you'll be stuffing!

1. Sweet Candy ReWallet via ReWallet.
How cute is this wallet? Not only is this wallet 100% one-of-a-kind, but it's also made from recycled materials! This waterproof wallet would make the perfect gift for that person in your life that loves all things cute and eco-friendly!

2. Amigurumi Octopus via The Wandering Deer.
This little crochet octopus is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. This octopus can be made into a charm or a keychain, so it's perfect for any Kawaii lover in your life!

3. Gadget Mon-stor via Lu & Ed.
Nowadays, everyone has some sort of gadget they lug around with them on a day to day basis. Gadget Mon-stors are not only the cutest thing since baby pandas, but they're also functional eco-friendly! These little Mon-stors are perfect for anyone with a gadget!

4. Bookworm Post Earrings via Scrawny Girl.
Aren't these earrings perfect? Surprise the book lover in your life with these adorably Kawaii earrings! They're perfect to wear while you snuggle up with a hot cup of cocoa and a good book!

5. Initial Necklace via Mystigail Hand-Stamped Jewelry.
Customize a necklace for that special person in your life! Whether you're getting kids' initials, parents' initials, or something else entirely, these amazingly epic hand-stamped necklaces are sure to brighten anyone's holiday! Pulling something as special as this out of your stocking is sure to be a joyful experience!

6. Dapper Stag Necklace via Evangelina's Closet.
Isn't this necklace tremendous? It's tiny and cute, humorous and perfect for anyone that can appreciate adorable, handmade geekery!

7.  Gourmet Salted Caramels via Tinker Toffee.
Yummy treats and the holidays go hand in hand! Who wouldn't love to open their stocking to find some delicious caramels? And if caramel's not your thing, there's so many other treats available! This gourmet candy is the tastiest stocking stuffer you'll give!

8. Little Elf Rosette Holiday Hair Clip via Violet's Buds.
Isn't this hair clip just adorable? Imagine stuffing in your little girls stocking so she can wear it to the holiday festivities! My daughter has some hair clips from Violet's Buds; they are super durable hair clips! They'll last for years to come and will make the perfect addition to any sweet girls holiday wardrobe!

9. Snowman Soap via Sudzy Bums.
Snowman. Soap. Have you ever heard of a better combination? I haven't and I think this little bar of snowman soap would be not only useful, but adorable! What's a better way to spread the holiday cheer than with snowman soap?

10. Christmas Town Hot Cocoa Lip Balm via Nerdtastic.
During the winter months, it's easy to get chapped lips. Make sure your loved ones' lips stay nice and soft (not to mention they'll smell like hot cocoa!) by stuffing this handmade limited edition lip balm in their stockings!

11. Gingerbread Man Christmas Loom Keyring via Angelcrafts.
This little gingerbread man keyring would be the cutest gift to give your friends for the holiday season! Made entirely from rubber bands, it's not only a sure way to put a smile on your face, but 50% of the profit is donated to orphans.

12. Vinyl Record Style Coasters via The Dizzy Windmill.
Perfect for the music lover in your life, these hand-knitted vinyl record style coasters would look awesome on the table under the mugs during the holiday festivities. The center colours are completely customizable and due to the felt backing, they're extra durable!

13. Team Caffeine 1.25" magnet via Little House of Crafting.
The holidays can be a hectic time and if you're anything like me, caffeine is one of the only reason I can make it through the season. Help the caffeine lover in your life express their love for caffeine with this magnet! You could even have it turned into a button!

14. Christmas Ball via Happy Sack.
Sometimes during the holidays, traveling is a must. When you've got little people that might get bored on the longer trips, a ball like this would be perfect for their stockings! Not only is it soft and squishy, but it's a fun and safe way to entertain your little elves!

So, there ya have it! Super cute and affordable gifts to stuff in stockings this year! There's a little bit of something for every person in your life and I hope this list makes your holiday shopping a little easier! And remember! The Storenvy Cyber Monday Flash Sale is on December 1st from 12:00am to 11:59pm and you can get 30% off everything in the participating stores for ONE DAY ONLY! 
Which of these handmade stocking stuffers is your favorite? 

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