The number one way to show a maker you love them

Since February is love month I wanted to share the number one way to show a maker that you admire that you love their stuff!

Buy it. 

If you can afford it, treat yourself to a little something-something from a maker you admire this month! There is no better way to show your support for the maker movement than by actually supporting a makers dreams! For me, there is no greater joy than knowing that someone loved something I used my two hands & my heart to make enough to invest their hard earned dollars on it. So I try to make at least one handmade purchase a month, no matter how small, to bless other creatives with that same beautiful feeling!

My latest handmade purchase was from Moose Country Crafts - little MO & NC blocks with hearts over my home town in NC & our current home in MO.

Last month's purchase was this sweet art print by Aimee Ferre. Image from her Etsy shop, since I still have to paint the frame & hang my print!

I feel like the art of slow purchases - finding something you love, saving up for it, buying it & truly enjoying it - has been swallowed up by an instant gratification society & the convenience of super stores like Target that have kitchsy, artsy looking products on the cheap - but cheap, quick purchases do nothing for your soul.

So this month, the month of love, I challenge you to buy a gift from the heart - and hands - for yourself or a loved one. Try to support a maker you love to show them that you enjoy their work enough to invest in it, because no matter how small your purchase, I promise you it will make their heart sing.

There is still plenty of time to place an order from most makers & have it arrive in time for Valentine's day, so head to your favorite market place & scoop up a goodie for your guy or gal!

How frequently do you buy handmade? What was the last handmade thing you purchased? 


  1. I buy more and more handmade. I keep looking for excuses to buy it (birthdays, celebrations, etc). My last purchase was an adorable hand-knit ballerina from and a beautiful suncatcher form

  2. I buy handmade when I can afford it. I want to make sure that I'm going to be happy with something, so I don't usually impulse buy handmade (or even mass made) for myself.
    The last thing that I purchased was a pair of onesie hand stamped ornaments from Mystigail Hand Stamped Jewelry with my two sons birth stats on them. :)

  3. I buy handmade all the time (at least once a week) because I have cute problems. Lol I bought from Hello Halsted last week and this week I'm getting a custom order from DeBoopShop for my nieces birthday gifts. Which is rad because I could buy them Disney stuff at the store but this gift will be special and one of a kind. :)