The Top Product Photography Posts of 2014

Melanie from Violet's Buds has a Bachelors of Science in Photography and provides product photography advice and services to entrepreneurs, and is kicking off 2015 by sharing the top photography posts of 2014!

How lighting effects product photography

This is one of the biggest mistakes in product photography. The camera-mounted flash will make your product look washed-out and contrasted.
flash vs natural light

Reflectors & natural light

Natural light is the best way to take excellent product photos. Make the most of the natural light by using reflectors, or making your own light box

Light box with natural light

Backgrounds & props

Consider experimenting with different backgrounds until you find what flatters your product. Use only backgrounds that fit with your product's theme or your brand. Start with a plain background then, try different combinations of colors, patterns, and textures, including staged shots. Don't forget to experiment with props, too! 

Placement & cropping
Read about the Rule of Thirds and Negative Space to make your photos more dynamic, and grab your customer's attention. 
watch negative space and cropping
Practice, research & experiment! 

Review these previous posts on product photography tips, and always keep experimenting & trying new things to take your product photos to the next level!

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  1. That was great learning!... Never though of becoming a product photographer!.. Every time we had approached some good Ecommerce photography studio so that we can have a photography of our product!... Thanks for this.!