Preparing for your first solo art exhibit {infographic}

Today's guest post is brought to you by Shawna of Shawna Collage. Shawna is a graphic designer and collage artist, originally from a small, snowy town in upstate New York. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design and a BA in English Literature from SUNY Plattsburgh. She has been freelancing for a little over four years now with a focus on branding, illustration, print design. In addition to designing, she enjoys everything to do with cats, desserts of all kinds, fashion, and organizing. 

For many people, the idea of having their own solo exhibition can be both intimidating and overwhelming. But, with a little planning, anyone can have a successful and profitable show. I’ve put together a flow chart to help guide you through the process of applying, creating, and promoting an exhibition. While this process will always differ from artist to artist, and venue to venue, this chart will help give you an idea of what to expect and prepare for.

Still debating on whether or not a solo show is right for you? The benefits can be wonderful: no sharing the spotlight with other artists, more potential profit, customizing the experience for your viewers, and the ability to show many works at once. On the downside there is also a greater amount of risk by being the only one in the room, you won’t have the pull and appeal of a group of artists to bring people in. You’ll also have a higher cost from creating and framing a large amount of work.

Deciding to take on your own solo show is a personal decision that every artist needs to decide if they are ready for. I hope this chart has helped clarify the process and informed you about what goes into an exhibition. Good luck in your future solo endeavors and stay creative!

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  1. I love this infographic. It's a little hard to read at 100dpi, though. When I selected "click to view full size" it shrank to fit my screen. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. No, it's a weird blogger glitch - update so the infographic goes to a static page now!