Random Tuesday Tip - Smart phones aren't that smart

It seems like a given, I know. But before you post that WIP photo or latest product pic to social media, always take a moment to read, reread and re-reread your caption a few times to check for spelling & grammar errors and to really think on the feeling you are trying to convey from this post. Creating thoughtful content is the first step in adding value to your social media outlets & inviting a true feeling of community. Nothing spoils a great post like a typo or missing word!

Plus, autocorrect is a turd. One time I tried to post a picture a client sent me of their kiddo, in a cape, holding his superhero monster I made him, saying "What a cute little hero!" and my phone corrected "hero" to "jerk". Imagine if I hadn't reread my post for errors before publishing it, calling that kiddo a jerk. Mortifying, right?

Also, two days ago I was typing "eating birthday cupcakes!" and my phone autocorrected it to "eating butt day cake" right as I was about to hit send. I don't even know. I'm glad I caught it before I sent that text, though!

So my advice for today, after seeing some pretty silly autocorrected posts on IG & FB last week: take time to review before you post to social media!

What hilarious (or mortifying!) typo or autocorrect stories do you have? Share them in the comments? 

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