Daft posts are moving!

Starting May 1st, this space will go dormant & posts will gradually be imported to my main business blog, Lu & Ed, in an effort to provide better content for makers while growing my own business. 

To learn more, read the full post with details here

As posts are imported to Lu & Ed, Daft pages will be updated with links to the new posts, so no worries about losing your favorite business reference posts!

As of yet, I have not decided whether or not to continue with Happy Handmade. It has been going for over TWO YEARS and is still the top handmade link up for makers to share their work with new consumers. So I'm asking you guys for your input - if it is to continue, I will need help from the community to promote it & share it within their communities. As Lu & Ed continues to grow I find less and less time to be at the computer promoting my own business (hence the merger). In order for Happy Handmade to be successful it relies greatly on people who link up their products to share the collection with their friends, families and other makers in an effort to bring new attention & support to the maker movement. 

So in the comments, share your thoughts. If Happy Handmade has helped your business grow through new exposure, sales or community found through the collective, can you dedicate yourself to helping it continue through social sharing & supporting the community by connecting with participants? 


  1. I LOVE Happy Handmade each week...I still need to add to the fresh one but i think you should continue it. My shop views have increased due to this wonderful community building link up. I appreciate it each week!

  2. I think it's totally up to you! You know the ins and outs of how it's working for you and what its goal is. If you think it's achieving its goal then keep it! If not then change it or leave it. For me, for a while now it's consistently been one of my top 3 referrals according to Google Analytics. Regardless of your decision I thank you for that! :D

  3. If it could continue that'd be great. It wouldn't be an issues to schedules posts about it in general on tope of the products. I do see at least a few views from it the weeks I participate.

  4. I look forward to happy handmade each week! Free exposure is always good, for my business and for others ;)

  5. Good topic. I do enjoy seeing who posts what and what is popular for the week. I also enjoy a boost in views. However, for my craft, that doesn't translate into sales, so from a best use of time standpoint, it would be hard to say. Everyone likes a free linkup, so even for your own blog, it might still make sense because it will boost your views. Maybe bi-weekly would work better to cut down on maintenance and give people a little more time to promote it.