tutorial: loom knit fingerless gloves

Today's tutorial guest post is from Melissa Burger of Melli's Trinkets

I started loom knitting in March of this year. I had received the neon colored round loom set for Christmas (but did not get the gift until March when we visited my family in Washington), and was so excited to get started! As soon as we got back to my mom's house I sat down with the looms and made my first loom knit hat, it fit a tiny stuffed pooh bear doll my son had laying around! Since then, I have practiced and loom knitted as much as I can. I am able to sit at watch shows on Netflix and loom knit at the same time, a luxury I unfortunately cannot receive with jewelry crafting! Since learning, I have wanted to make things like fingerless gloves or messenger bags, but could not find the tutorials for looms, no matter how much I Googled. Thus I made my first tutorial!
I do sell the gloves for those who wish to simply purchase them, but I created the following tutorial for those who want to try it themselves.

Loom Knitted Wrist Warmers/Fingerless Gloves
What you’ll need:

smallest round loom (for my set it was the green loom)
loom hook
crochet hook (any size)
yarn (double or single yarn) 
**If you are working with single yarn, PLEASE look at the bottom attached notes. It gives the row counts for it.For my gloves I knitted with two strands. However, you can do this with only one yarn/strand. To do this tutorial you will also need to know how to make the following stitches: knit stitchpurl stitch, and how to bind off/single crochet off (all of these stitches have been linked to YouTube tutorial videos for your convenience).
  • To begin you will wrap all the pegs once using the basic e-wrap method.
  • Begin the second row knit 2 pegs, then purl 2 pegs. Do this for 6 rows. This should create a ribbing effect.
  • Knit stitch 5 rows.
  • After the 5 rows, you will begin the thumb hole. The thumb hole is made by knitting from peg 1 to 24, and from 24 back to 1. DO NOT KNIT BETWEEN PEGS 24 AND 1.

 Picture example:beginning thumb hole:

beginning thumb hole
almost completed thumb hole
completed thumb hole, beginning to knit body
  • Knit back and forth 6 times to create thumb hole (back and forth counts as 1).
  • Continue knitting around for 36 rows or until it reaches desired length.You will begin the end ribbing at this point. 
  • Knit 2, purl 2 for 6 more rows.
  • Then bind off/single crochet your project. Makes sure you tie off the ends well.
  • Now you’ve finished one wrist warmer! You will repeat this process for the second wrist warmer. Then you’ll have a pair! 

    Side Notes: Note 1: If you find the crochet/binding off part is too tight for your upper arm, do the pattern in reverse, and finish off with this portion as the finger part! This may help open up the other side and may fit the arm better. You can also use different loom sizes depending on how big or small your arm is. If you want to go smaller, using a flower loom would be the next option!

    Note 2: If you are using single yarn you will need to extend the body of the glove by doing 54 rows. When using the single yarn the stitches are much smaller, therefore the body of the glove will not be as long as intended when done with double yarn. For the thumb part you will knit back and forth 7 times instead of 6.

    Note 3: From finishing the thumb hole to the next part of ribbing, knit 8 rows when using a single yarn. 

    What do you think? Will be trying this tutorial in the near future? 

    If you do try this tutorial, please email us at daft_crafts@yahoo.com and let us know how the tutorial worked for you! 


    1. This is awesome!!!! Thank you!!!!

    2. <3 your directions. I have ADHD and tutorials are often confusing to me but this was clear and concise...

    3. I tried this with my loom kit but they ended up big enough to fit both of my hands in it

    4. Love the demo, practiced on f lower loom. Worked great, now on to real pair for Christmas gift. Thanks so much, tried several tutorials, yours was the best.