your logo should be #1

Whether you have just launched your brand new company or you have been around a while, branding plays a huge role in your marketing approach.
A great place to start branding your company is with a strong logo. Your logo is often the first representation your company makes toward a possible sale. A logo should do more than just look great, it should accurately represent your company. It should show off your unique style and convey a very basic message about your company. This can be achieved through the use of appropriate fonts and colors.

Not only can your logo show off your company's personality, it can be placed on just about anything. Your logo will represent you on social media websites, your website, other people's websites, your business cards, stickers, products...the ideas are pretty much endless here. If you are going to be sharing it everywhere, make sure it stands out in a positive way for your company.

Quick Tip: Keep it simple. A simple logo is easier for a person to remember and also easier to share in a variety of mediums. Simplicity also allows your logo to remain timeless and work with you as your company might change or expand.

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