Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping

Editor's Note: Today's post on eco-friendly holiday wrapping is brought to you by guest contributor Alicia of La Alicia.

Wrapping gifts is one of my fave things to do - so is repurposing. So I have combined the two and I hope you find this helpful for your holiday gift wrapping. 

As consistent as you may be using your reusable bags, it seem like somehow we all end up with a brown paper bag once in a while. I have a great way to use those up. Simply use the inside to wrap your holiday gifts. You can doodle on this paper, let kids color on it, stamp it, or crumple it for texture.

If the thought of wrapping paper around a box terrifies you, check out this helpful tutorial on how to wrap a box. They even show you how to get neat corners.  So now that your box is wrapped up nicely, let's talk about embellishments. You know that pile of old t-shirts that no one's wearing, you aren't sure what to do with? Should they go to the rag bag or maybe the local charity shop? Consider using them for your packages. 

Start by cutting off the bottom hem with sharp scissors. Then proceed with cutting the same way you did the hem with the torso of the shirt into 1/2" strips (avoiding any holes, stains etc.). Pull the strips/rings tightly to stretch them out and make them roll up into a tube. (This is a good thing for the little ones to help with.) You can leave these as loops or cut them so they are one long strand. Voila, t-shirt ribbon.

You can use this t-shirt ribbon to tie up your packages. I love to use one color per person and it's fun to tie little extras on as well -- ornaments, herbs or whatever you like.

Happy Wrapping! 

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