New Storenvy

I was one of the lucky few to get a sneak peek of the New Storenvy when it was in the works. And now that is is live, I can finally talk about how amazing it is!

First of all, New Storenvy focuses heavily on discovery - When you first join, you are given a choice of six collections and asked which ones you like. When you select your collections, you auto-follow Storenvy users who curate content specific to your tastes called influencers! The content influencers Envy (Storenvy's form of "liking" or "favoriting" a product) will show up on your home page, along with staff picks and suggested users based off of the other users you follow. You can "watch" stores so their new products are loaded directly into your stream, and you can follow your friends to keep up with what they Envy. My favorite part of the new home page is the continuous scroll. I could scroll for days and never get bored! There is also a dicey new feature - literally - in the lower right hand corner.

Roll the dice, and it loads a random product! Another amazing and fun time suck, I lost about an hour of my day playing with this feature when the New Storenvy launched.

Another thing the New Storenvy is focusing on is the social aspect - the continuous scroll and ease of Envying a product is very similar to the addictive site Pinterest. You can follow your friends, see what they Envy and buy, and by Envying amazing products, you have the power to start trends and products popular! Items are ranked by real time popularity when browsing categories, so if an item is discovered and Envy'd by several people at once, it will jump in rankings and be seen by more people, which is a potentially lucrative feature for people who sell on the site!

Storenvy's new look is simple, done in a cool color palette in shades of grays, white and teal and a clean modern design which makes the new look easy on the eyes and visually appealing to shoppers. There was huge updates done to product, user and store profile pages, making them easier to navigate and more engaging for buyers.

User profile page:
On the user profile page, it shows your user photo, bio, your store profile, website and media links, Envies (products you have Envy'd), purchases (you can chose to hide your purchases), watched stores (stores you have chosen to get updates from), followers (people who follow you to keep up with products you Envy, you trendsetter, you), people you are following to stay up to date with their Envies, and your feed, which shows thumbnails of products you have Envy'd and is a continuous scroll.

Store profile page:
On store profiles, it shows your shop name, location, description, link to custom store front (Storenvy allows 100% customization of your store for free, something that sets them apart from other e-commerce sites!), media links, products, watchers (people who follow your store), and easy access to FAQ's. You can use the  search bar to search within the store for a particular item, or browse through categories. People can also use the price slider bar to view products within their buying budget. Default view shows thumbnails of your products ranked by popularity.

Product profile page:
On product profiles you will find product photos, product description, buying options from a drop down menu to chose which product to add to your cart (if the product has variants like size or color), easy to use media buttons for seamless social sharing, a show of who Envies the product, more from the shop to encourage browsing, and the shop's bio.

Overall, all of us over here at Daft are obsessed with New Storenvy. If you have a creative business, you need to get on!

With the Storenvy side streamlined look and ease of navigation coupled with the ability to create a totally customized online shop with which you can domain host (making it feel like a free standing site) you get the best of both worlds - a social shopping site driving people to your products, and a custom web presence that represents your brand! Learn more here.

Examples of amazing custom Storenvy shops -

Sew Beastly

This Enchanted Pixie

The Individuality

Cherry Sauce Clothing


Released Clothing

Raining Sugar

So what do you say? Will you be checking out


  1. Great article! I have been wondering about store envy. How easy is it to run two stores, store envy and etsy?

    1. Amz, with Storenvy and Etsy you can use an importer ( to pull your listings from Etsy and copy them over to Storenvy - this saves a ton of time setting up. Then you can use to manage both inventories - so when an item sells on Storenvy it is automatically deducted from your Etsy inventory as well. With these two tools managing Storenvy and Etsy storefronts simultaneously is seamless and easy!

    2. Thats sounds amazing! Thank you x