happy handmade #5

Hope everyone had a splendid St. Patrick's Day full of friends, family and good food!
Welcome to week five of happy handmade! Last week we had 92 radical products shared and wow - there was some amazing new talent! It was really hard to pick just a single item for a staff pick this week! 

The top three most clicked items were: 

Blue Stone Roses bracelet by A Single Dream
Vintage Sheet Music Notebook by Say It
Eco-friendly Stuffed Monster by Lu & Ed
Let's kick things up a notch this week! Spread the word about the happy handmade link up wherever you can - the more people browsing, sharing and linking their products at the link up, the more exposure your products get! 

  • Link up to three {3} handmade products from your  shops below!
{link to individual product listings, not shop home pages, blogs or facebook pages}
  • Check out at least three {3} of the links in this collection. 
{Shop around a little!}
  • Share at least three {3} items from this collection (not yours) via social media! Feel free to leave a comment listing your favorite three products from the link up that you shared! 


  1. Thanks for another opportunity to share some handmade goods! Will share some of these lovelies over the next few days!

  2. Eeep! Ophelia! Thanks so much for picking her to feature this week!

  3. Of course Love Monsters! But the new bags from Echoland bags are gorgeous! And The Mollie Shop...that bear bangle is beautiful and LOVE create your own Mollie Dollie!!!! :) Awesome pages linked here!

  4. How fun! I picked three and have them ready to be shared :) great items!

  5. Came back to share some. Funny thing about linking up 5 minutes after it posts - there's only Lu & Ed awesomeness! Which I adore, mind you. Diversity is the spice of life, though!

  6. I got a little carried away and shared more than 3.