storenvy finds - spring picks

This week we've pulled together some lovely handmade products from to celebrate Spring! Granted, it's cold and snowing here in Missouri, but hey, we can dream and look at pretty colorful handmade goodies to take our minds off that. :)

Pea Pod by Mochi Studios
Moncherie bracelet by Wooly CA 
Lace Print Bow by Ava Makes Bows
Lily Pulitzer by Rag Wreath
Elli the Felted Creature by Olga Lai
Felt Pastel Garland by Meanwhile Crafts
Which is your favorite from this line up? 


  1. Awesome picks! I love the hand felted creature, but then I have a soft spot for handmade creatures. :)

  2. Loving the brights this spring!! The lace print bows are beautiful!!

  3. You find awesome stuff! Love the Spring list! Love the colors!! hehe ;) I had to login to my Storenvy so I can follow some of these lovely stores ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing interesting products of Storenvy. I like the cute pea pod!