#happyhandmade week 7

Woop! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. There were a ton of craft shows this weekend - if you participated in one, hope you did well!
Last week we had almost a hundred handmade products linked up in #happyhandmade! Our little networking and handmade sharing event is really growing! Woohoo! Keep it up, guys! I love seeing the creative products and making crafty new friends every week! 

Tell everyone to come check out this link up - both artists and crafters and just people you know who love to shop! After all, everything here is for sale, and the more people who see this, the more exposure your products get! 

And now for the three most clicked products! Was one of them yours?!
Treble Clef Earrings by A Single Dream

Hair Accessory for Spring by Violet's Buds
Mermaid Tear Clutch Purse by Cutesy Tots
  • Link up to three {3} handmade products from your  shops below! 
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  • Check out at least three {3} of the links in this collection. 
{Shop around a little!}
  • Share at least three {3} items from this collection (not yours) via social media! (Please do not Pin items to Pinterest without express permission from the creator). 
  • Show your support of handmade and leave a comment listing your favorite three products from the link up that you shared! 


  1. Hi, your newest follower here! i am amazed at all the different types of crafts linked up with this party! wow, nice party!!!

  2. Congrats to A Single Dream and Violet's Buds. And Cutesy Tots, love the bag, I tweeted in last week. ;)
    This week I really like the bags/purses by EchoLand Bags and the spade by Mystic Eye Creation.

  3. Wahoo! So glad to see this growing and some awesome features this week!

  4. I really like the jewelry this week, especially the steampunk pieces by jd designs.

  5. I really love the God Bless This Home Scripture Jar- Christian Housewarming Gift. The jewelry this week is also very fun. Mollipops! Rapunzel neckace and the Purple Crystal Hoops by A Single Dream are cute also.

  6. Loving The Mollie Shop's Rainbow necklace this week! The colors are just so much fun :)

    I also love the Pink Champagne' Earrings by A Single Dream. They are simply beautiful.

    And anybody who knows me well, knows I am loving Melli's new line of Chevron inspired earrings.

    I could keep going...there are some really amazing products listed!

  7. I really love the felt animal Kiwi the tiger, he's so cute/


  8. I like the waterresistant pouch, what a great idea to take that along on our family vacation this year! Also liked the steampunk time piece, and also the Nook case :)

  9. Love it all! Very awesome. I tweeted Krazy Ruffled Scarf, Blue & Gray Hat, and Tie Onesie. Most likely will be tweeting more stuff!

  10. Some great shares this week! I haven't been here in a while, but I'm loving all the handmade goodness. I'm coveting that garden spade by Mystic Eye Creations, the super sweet new home card, and the cross body bag by Echoland :) I shared all.

    I'll likely share a few more too.

  11. Thanks again for the great opportunity to share our handmade items! I love seeing everyone's creativity.