tutorial: remove "pin it" feature

This post was written by Megean and originally posted on her blog. She has generously offered to share this amazing tutorial for removing the Pin It button from custom Storenvy shops with our audience! 

While most people love pinterest, not all small businesses are feeling the love. This is especially true for small handmade businesses who do not want their products pinned. This is entirely up to each company and I fully respect their reasoning behind the choice.

I LOVE and all the features that it includes. Unfortunately, I have had a couple of clients request the "pin it" button be removed from their custom product pages. Removing the "pin it" feature is completed in 5 EASY steps and only involves a quick glance into the coding of your site.

As always, when accessing the coding behind your site, remember to be careful. The smallest mistake can completely break a site. So please, follow the instructions exactly.

Login into your Account and go to your dashboard.

Select the Design Tab to gain access to the customization of your storenvy site. Sidenote and a little storenvy love: If you have not customized your site yet, give it a try with the easy CSS controls. You can always easily revert to the default setting if you are unhappy with the changes :)
Select the "PAGES" button. The allows you to access the code that determines how your site looks. And don't worry, if you are not familiar with the coding...we are not going too deep into it with this tutorial.
STEP 4: 
Select the "PRODUCT" Page. This page controls how your individual product pages are shown. The individual product page controls include image, price, add to cart, price, tags, description and finally the "Share This" feature. 
 STEP 5:
Once you have opened the product page, you are going to see the coding revealed. If you don't have any coding experience, I know this looks super intimidating but don't give up on me yet. Let's use the scroll bar next to the code to scroll down until we reach line 69. This might be slightly different if you have previously applied any alterations to the product page code. Use the screenshot to the locate the code we will be deleting. Once you have found the line of code, select it. Be sure to only select what you see selected in the screenshot. Delete the line and Save Changes.

You have now deleted the Pinterest button from the product page of your custom site. While this will not completely block someone from pinning your products to pinterest, it does remove the feature from your product page. By having the button on your product page, you are giving the user the impression that you support this feature.
If you have questions or suggestions for future tutorials please leave me a comment! 
**Disclaimer. All alterations to the coding of your site is your responsibility unless otherwise purchased from The Individuality. The Individuality will not be held responsible for alterations outside of the previously stated tutorial.  

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