#happyhandmade week ten

Welcome to week ten of #happyhandmade! We had an amazing variety of products linked up this past week with lots of new shops participating! Woohoo! Keep spreading the word about #happyhandmade! The more people linking up, browsing and sharing, the more exposure your shop gets!
This week it was really tough to pick staff picks! So much fresh new talent to choose from! We went with:

This week's most viewed handmade items were: 

Yellow Monster Charm by J by G
Long Dangle Earrings by The Passionate Pearl
Be The Change stamped necklace by Mystigail Adornments
I can't wait to see what epic handmade product get shared this week!!

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  1. Love the pics this week!!!!

  2. Eeeep! My wrist warmers were a staff pick! That's too awesome :) Thank you!

  3. Wow! some amazing things linked up! Of course the Lu & Ed monsters are always a favorite. I really love the Grapevine by Mystigail Adornments and Pastel Blues by Melli's Trinkets! Thanks for the awesome #happyhandmade week ten linkup!

  4. Squeee! My tutorial is a staff pick? Thank you! ;)

    Will be tweeting about #happyhandmade shortly! thanks again!

  5. Aw, thanks! <3 <3 So honored to be featured as a staff pick.

  6. Awesome, thanks so much! I shared the Jazzy Messenger Bag, the vintage map covered journal and Oskie the Mon-stor! Happy to link up among such wonderful artists!

  7. So excited I found this link-up! I shared the mini map jotter, nectarine+mint gold necklace, and the spiral paper roses in red, white, and blue

  8. This is fun, thanks! I added my Mama and baby birds pendant, but put my shop name instead of item name - oops. Sorry - new this link up thing!

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  10. I love this site! I added three and promoted three. My fav has to be the adorable Squittle. Terri/Terri Jean's Adornments