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You know I love creators of cute, so I couldn't resist doing an meet the maker feature on Pink Sprinkles Plush!

Courtney Talbott started making monsters in 2008 after finally deciding she was going to learn how to use a sewing machine. Her aunt was kind enough to show her the basics of the machine and from there on out it was a lot of trial and error. She had a great idea - long limb monsters with Velcro patches on their foot pads, but getting that design to come together took quite a bit of time and practice. Now, Courtney is churning out adorable monster plush right and left, and if possible, each is cuter than the last!

What started as a hobby and then a very part time job is becoming very much a potential full time business. Courtney says she is shocked at the response her monsters have had, especially over the past 6 months. She tries to bring out new designs and use new materials all the time, adding to the personality of each monster. She says she "likes to keep it fresh" - even standard monsters get a tweak every now and again. Her monsters have also been available at Wholly Craft for two years now, and she's also been on the Etsy Plush Team for a little over a year. 

When questioned about what sets her apart from others, Courtney says she doesn't think of her art in terms of others. She says she makes what she likes, trying to be original and if people like it, great. Originality and quality are two things Courtney always brings to her plushies. She feels it is very important to love what you do.

And where did the name Pink Sprinkles Plush come from? Courtney's little white poodle is named Sprinkles. One year for Halloween she took beet juice and colored her pink, made her little devil horns and a cape. She remembers someone saying 'Awww, look at Pink Sprinkles!' Always inspired by what she loves, that's  what popped into her head when she was thinking of a business name.

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