How to make a reversible tote

Today's tutorial is brought to you by Kelly from Kiser Krafts

Totes are practical for so many things. So, I decided to make my own reversible tote to carry my craft supplies, and share the pattern I drew up with the Daft crowd!
·         Half yard of two different fabrics – may need less (I rather over estimate then under)
·         Sewing machine
·         Coordinating thread
·         Iron
·         Ruler and/or rectangle template ( I used part of a cereal box)
First you are going to cut out your rectangles. You need four total. I have two of my solid and two of my print. You also need to cut out four strips for your handles, again, two from each fabric. My handles are 3inches wide and 22inches long. Totes can be made to your liking - use your best judgement on the size of the body of the tote and the length of the handles to suit your needs. 
You are going to sew three sides of your rectangle on both your solid and print. Make sure you place them right sides together. Iron all seams flat. 

Then you pair up your stripes for the handles. Fold right sides together to and sew along the edges, leaving ends open. Once turned and ironed flat, sew the open ends closed. For added durability, sew ¼ seam around the all four edges. 
Position your handles on each side of a tote body and pin them in place. 
Now you put the tote body with the pinned handles inside the other part of the tote, and pin the upper edges, pinning the handles between the two different fabrics.  Make sure to pin you side seams together pin all the way around the top to keep your hem line even. Sew around the top edge, leaving a small opening.
Pull your tote through the small opening. Iron flat. 

To help stablize your tote and handle do a ¼ stitch around the top edge, sewing shut the small opening you used for turning.

And, bam,  there you have it! We hope you enjoy making your own reversible tote! If you do try out this tutorial, please shoot a picture to and share your finished projects with Kelly! 

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  1. Oh my that looks wonderful on your site!!! Thank you for letting my DIY be part of your celebrating sewing month!!! ♥♥