Lumberjacks Are Taking Over In A Lumberjack Attack!

A few months ago, a beautiful collaboration budded between Jenelle of TrashN2Tees and Kimberly of Joyful Roots, thanks  to the freshly launched Oh My! Handmade Community Forums. The two are natural combination for creative collaboration. Jenelle’s brilliance at generating ideas and her knowledge of sewing and craft combined with Kimberly’s aesthetic and graphic design background, made the pair a dynamic duo.

Expanding her empire beyond applique tshirts at TrashN2Tees, Jenelle was looking for a designer to illustrate & help launch her new hybrid screen print tshirts. She dreamed up themes and shared them with the community of Oh My Handmade. Kimberly was smitten with the idea of lumberjack character and quickly began sketching out the Jack we've all come to know and love. Despite being hundreds of miles  apart, Kim and Jenelle talked daily and more ideas began to develop. The women decided to create an entire line of lumberjack products, including screen-­preprinted recycled tees, lumberjack cut and sew plushies, and   coordinating collection of lumberjack related fabrics. 

On September 17th the team released their first line of products which can be found in their Etsy shops: TrashN2Tees and Joyful Roots. In keeping in line with their passion for sustainability, a portion of the proceeds from the launch sales will be used to plant trees in the Atlantic Forest, to help protect and restore a natural treasure through PlantABillion.Org.

Join in on the fun - go lumberjack crazy with their lumberjack Pinterest board, or print off and color this cute lumberjack coloring page with your kids!  You can also order this DIY lumberjack cut and sew stuffed lumberjack kit to create with your children! 


  1. omg, lumberjacks have never made me so happy! awesome sauce all around! :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the lumberjack love!!! <3