#happyhandmade week forty-six

Wrapping up the first week of 2014 neatly and with a happy heart. What a great first week!  Back to school routine started today, a wake up call after a sleepy first week to the year. I hope your week was as peaceful and relaxing as mine was.

The first #happyhandmade of 2014 was a smashing success! So many new shops linked up. It's always exciting to see the collection grow and shop owners sharing for one another!

In case you are new here, #happyhandmade is a social sharing collective. Here's how it works: Share three handmade products from your shop down below this post, and select three products from the collection to share via social media. You can share them in a blog post, tweet them, or post them on Facebook - just make sure if you leave three links you share three links! That way everyone reaches a new audience & we all grow together! Please don't forget to share this post with your friends too - in Etsy forums, Facebook groups, or with your bestie - the more people seeing this collective, the more people seeing everyone's stuff (including yours!) which leads to traffic to your shop & hopefully sales, plus the potential for your item to be picked as a staff pick or most viewed!

This week's Staff Picks are:

Hmoob Khaub Ncaws Hmong Scrapbooking Embellishment by Made from Paper
Eco Chic Small Zipper Purse by La Alicia
Girasol Baby Shoes by Bellamy Tree

This week's Most Viewed are:

Giddy Up Un-Paper Towels from Nature Junkie
Clown Fish Hat by Hats and What Knots
Mario Brother Peg People by Landon's Toy Box
What can you link up? Handmade products, art prints, and any designs you personally have created and had printed in small batches on clothing, fabric, notecards, etc. So long as you made it, you can share it! 

What you can't link up: blog posts, Facebook pages, giveaways, tutorials. This is to connect handmade shop owners with one another and promote one another's products, so all links you share should be to an individual product in your shop.
  • Link up to three {3} handmade products from your shops below! 
  • Share at least three {3} items from this collection (not yours) via social media! 
(Do not Pin items to Pinterest without express permission from the creator)
  • Tell at least three people about this link up!
{spread the word! the more people who hear about it, the more exposure everyone gets!}
  • Please show your support of handmade and leave a comment listing your favorite three products from the link up that you shared!
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  1. thanks so much for including my purse! ;) that clown fish hat totally got my attention -- so fun!!

  2. YAY! Thanks to everyone that viewed my Unpaper Towels!

  3. Woo! Shared the I Heart You hairclip, Mon-stor hat, and the personalized heart ornaments.

    Happy Handmade, everyone!

  4. I shared Justin the Owl, Little Fox Peg Doll and Tea Party Unpaper Towels! Such a great collection to pick from!

  5. So many great items! I shared the Tea Time unpaper towels, the Happy Easter shirt, and the patchwork toddler hat. :)

  6. My favorites are the giant plush donuts, little fox peg toy, and pocket ninja doll (^-^)

  7. I shared my 3 picks this week on the blog <3