meet the maker - Erin from Sugar Crumbs

Erin was 9 when she picked up a crochet hook and yarn for the first time.  She made chains a mile long and rectangles that would make the perfect doll rug… Unfortunately, that’s about all she could make. Granny squares came out lopsided and she had no patience for ponchos. Not that she would even use a poncho. And so, the hook and yarn were put away.

Years later, she stumbled upon a picture of an amigurumi bear and thought it would be the perfect project to help pass the time during her pregnancy.  A few days later, armed with a new hook, she tackled her first amigurumi and knew that it was love.  She made so many that she started giving them away.  And then one day, a friend of a friend sent an email that truly surprised Erin.

“Your little creations are just so sweet! I’d love to get one for my friend… How much?”

After that sale came another. And another. And another until Erin finally stopped and wondered “Could I turn this into something more? Is it possible to make my passion a business?”

Just like that, Sugar Crumbs was born. 

Sugar Crumbs earned its name for the tiny sweetness that it carried.  Each little amigurumi brought the same reaction. “It’s so sweet!”

Today, there are Sugar Crumbs friends in 47 different states and all over the world. Erin continues to find joy creating new little adorable friends.  And she also continues to work towards a balance of business and personal life.  After all, as Sugar Crumbs grew, so did her family.  As a mother of 3 active sons, her days are filled with dirt, monster trucks and ninja battles.  But her drive to keep adding sweetness to people’s everyday lives keeps her motivated. Every day.  She’ll pick up her hook and smile, doing what she loves best.

Leaving sweetness wherever you look.

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  1. What a great story! It was nice to get to know you a little more Erin. =)

  2. I just LOVE how sweet and friendly Erin is. What a great story! ♥

  3. I love your story! And I love your little creations! Way to go Erin!